M/s Plexus Ocean Systems Ltd, UK
The Plexus Group has developed and patented a method of engineering for oil and gas field wellheads and connectors, named POS GRIP™, which involves deforming one tubular member against another to effect gripping and sealing.
HP/HT Exploration Wellhead Systems
Non-HP/HT Exploration Wellhead Systems
Production Wellhead Systems
Mudline Suspension Systems
POS-GRIP wellhead systems have been used in more than 100 oil and gas wells to date by international customers and end users including, BP, Brunei Shell Petroleum, Maersk, Petro-Canada Trinidad and Tobago, ConocoPhillips, BHP Billiton, Talisman Energy, Tullow Oil, Global Santa Fe, Gaz de France and Wintershall.


Website : www.posgrip.com


M/s WWT International Inc, USA

Non Rotating Drill Pipe Protectors and Coil Tubing Tractor Systems.

WWT Non-Rotating Protectors significantly reduce rotary torque, limit casing, riser and LMRP wear, decrease drag, reduce friction-induced buckling and heat checking, improve ROP, reduce vibration, reduce drill string and surface equipment stress, extend drilling operations in adverse offshore conditions. WWT provides well analysis and onsite services.

Website: www.wwtco.com

Signa Engineering Corp., USA

Signa is a leading-edge petroleum engineering and consulting company specializing in unconventional drilling technology.  Founded in 1992 in Houston , Texas , USA , Signa has extensive experience with HPHT, horizontal, underbalanced, managed pressure, casing and coiled tubing drilling, both on land and offshore, worldwide.   Weblink: www.signa.net


Signa’s primary focus is the evaluation, design and execution of drilling and completion operations, both onshore and offshore, domestic and international. Signa specializes in vertical, horizontal, directional and unconventional operations.  Signa offers full-cycle engineering skills for all aspects of advanced upstream technologies, so our clients receive maximum project efficiency across the board. Our engineering specialties include:

·  Managed Pressure Drilling
·  UnderBalanced Drilling
·  MudCap Drilling
·  Casing Drilling
·  Project Management
·  Feasibility Studies
·  Horizontal Drilling and Multilateral Drilling
·  Field Development Plans
·  Surface Equipment Design
·  Economic Analysis
·  Software Design

Signa also provides workover, production and reservoir services, and economic/feasibility studies for all upstream petroleum applications. Signa has engineered some of the world’s most technically challenging drilling applications, including MudCap Drilling in the sour-gas, cavernous formations of Kazakhstan and South America; Managed Pressure Drilling design and execution for deepwater Gulf of Mexico; and UnderBalanced Drilling in the rugged chalk of South Texas.

Field Execution

One of the integral keys of Signa’s success has been a dedicated workforce of versatile field consultants who have engineered, drilled, and completed wells in virtually all oil-producing regions around the globe. Signa maintains a comprehensive database of independent professional field consultants that includes details of each individual’s work history. When clients need specific experience for a project, we know exactly where to look, and who to select to maximize the potential and ensure success for that project.

Signa hand-selects field consultants with "hands-on" experience in applying abstract engineering theory to solve real-world problems. The best plan in the world will not work without proper field execution. Contract personnel must understand what the formation is doing and make critical adjustments to overcome the endless obstacles Mother Nature throws their way. Once a project is complete, the field consultant is off to drill in another part of the world. Their focus is to provide clients the benefits of in-house expertise without the headaches and added expenses of full-time employment.

Pioneering Technology

Over the last three decades, the engineers at Signa have been on the forefront of unconventional technology. In the 1980s, Mr. Rick Stone helped pioneer the UBD technique by designing wells and providing field operations in the Pearsall Field. Signa also pioneered drilling multiple laterals and spearheaded the first large-scale dendritic stimulation performed horizontally. During the 1990s, Signa pioneered MudCap Drilling in the sour-gas, cavernous formations of Kazakhstan, South America and the Caspian Sea. Since 2000, Signa has focused largely on the emerging technology of Managed Pressure Drilling around the globe, including deepwater Gulf of Mexico, Russia, Algeria, the North Sea, and recently, Managed Pressure Casing Drilling in the Lobo Field of South Texas.

Hydraulic Modeling Software

Signa engineers designed (in-house) two hydraulic modeling softwares used by engineers and field supervisors around the world for UBD – the Hydraulic UnderBalanced Simulator (HUBS) and the Extended Reach Drilling Simulator (ERDS).

M/s Crystal Engineering Corporation, USA

Crystal Engineering is a manufacturer of high quality Digital Pressure Gauges. Crystal Engineering's manufacturing facility is located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, USA. Manufacturing facility is fully air-conditioned and humidity controlled with static controlled floors and surfaces throughout. Crystal Engineering products are fully temperature compensated across an operating range of -10°C (14°F) to +10°C (122°F) throughout the full pressure span making them excellent for field use, not just well controlled laboratory environments. Crystal Engineering calibration lab is one of the only labs around to offer pressure and current calibration over a broad temperature range of -10C to +50C.  Most labs are only accredited at room temperature. Crystal Engineering products have a very accurate "of reading" specification, and are not derated for temperature effects. To assure these specifications, each gauge and calibrator is thoroughly tested under varying environmental conditions, in test chambers. Testing is automated - high accuracy pressure controllers and automated mass handling (AMH) piston gauges from DH Instruments control applied pressure. Crystal Engineering utilize the DHI AMH-38 Low Pressure Piston Gauge with bell for gauge pressure and vacuum measurements, and the DHI AMH-100 High Pressure, Oil Lubricated Gas, Piston Gauge for up to 15,000 PSI. All test data is recorded to dedicated network servers (with fully automated robotic tape handling archival backup), stored, and accessible by product serial number.Crystal calibration labs are A2LA accredited and recognized by ILAC and our materials, components and systems are DNV certified for classification of ships, high speed & light craft and DNV's offshore standards.

Weblink: www.crystalengineering.net

M/s Roxar Software Solutions, Norway

Offers an innovative portfolio of reservoir management solutions, integrated across the oil field lifecycles for users of all backgrounds and companies of all sizes, combining easy-to-use software with hands-on consulting and support. Maximum Reservoir Performance through leading 3D Reservoir Modelling.

The premier reservoir software solution that enables geo-scientists and engineers to make better and more accurate decision through a shared understanding of the reservoir.

Well & Completion Solutions: RMSwellplan
Interpretation Solutions: RMSwellstrat, Mapping
Simulation Solutions: EnABLE
Modelling Solutions: RMSfaultseal
Production & Process Solutions: FieldWatch
Simulation Solutions: RMSflowsim, Tempest
Consultancy Solutions: RMSconsult
Modelling Solutions: RMS Real-time
Simulation Solutions: RMSsimgrid

Web-link: www.roxar.com

Con-slot, Germany

Con-slot, Germany
Sand Control Screen

Con-slot main object is a new concept of down hole completion for Oil / Gas wells, such as vertical, deviated and horizontal, offering not only a perfect tool of Sand Control but also a "Formation Link" which simplifies the whole installation system.

Con-slot Sand Control Screen allows:

  • Reduction of borehole diameter and of screen, blank and casing diameter without reducing the capacity of the well.
  • Reduction of the allowable bending radius
  • Easy clean up procedures due to the tailor made-to-the formation structural design of the screen.
  • Reduced skin effect.


Summary of Advantages:

  • Reduce operation costs during the lifetime of the well due to stabilized producing conditions.
  • Increased productivity & higher reservoir drainage.
  • The well can be drilled and competed only with drilling mud
  • Reduced formation damages & improves nearby well bore permeability.
  • Easy installation due to reduced friction by flush & smooth liner surface.
  • Reduced installation due to reduced friction by flush & smooth liner surface.
  • Reduced installation time.
  • Formation link allows easy work at any time of the well's life.
  • High strength characteristics such as tensile, column and torsion.


Web-link: www.con-slot.de

Hyspan Precision Products, Inc.

Hyspan Precision Products, Inc.

Hyspan manufacturers Metal Expansion Joints for Pipe motion. It is the only company to manufacture all four types  -  Braided Hose, Bellows, Slip Joints and Ball Joints. Hyspan supplies the Oil and Gas industry on and offshore with quality Engineered products and Application expertise.

Hyspan is the single source for expansion compensation, seismic and vibration isolation. Only Hyspan manufactures all four piping motion technologies: metal bellows expansion joints for axial and offset, packed slip joints, ball joints, and metal hose connectors. Since 1968, Hyspan products provide unequaled ability to solve piping issues.

Web link: www.hyspan.com

Barco Ball Joint
6600 Series



Barco Ball Joint

External Pressure Bellows
3500 Series


Perma-Pax Slip Joint
6500 Series


Bellows Pump Connector
5500 Series


Braided Hose Connector
4500 Series



Internal Pressure Bellows
1500 Series


External Pressure Compensator 8500 Series