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Golden Star Limited Company , established two decades ago, is now a unique company in Qatar shows exceptional stability and sharpness in the energy sector. Its Oil & Gas Division provides updated technological solutions and a comprehensive range of products and services to the exploration, upstream and downstream operations in the State of Qatar.

Golden Star Limited Company is not just a company in oil & gas sector but it's an exploration into unlimited possibilities in different areas including Contracting. The company has extraordinary fertility in general trading & agency services. Golden Star office automation & banking equipment division cherishes charm, as it is the solution for all the needs of the clients.

The recruitment division of the company has a dynamic expertise to provide engineering & geo-science professionals to the oil & gas industry.

Golden Star Limited Companies subsidiary, EPCAR Trading & Contracting Engineering Co. (W.L.L.), breaks all the deadlocks in steel fabrication & engineering.

Golden Star Limited Company mission is to provide reliable and assistance to international companies establishing branches in the State of Qatar. Golden Star Limited Company stands upto international standards in providing convenient and reliable services to new and existing companies. And whatever may be your business need, keep in touch with Golden Star Limited Company you can grow with us.


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